How to get rid of upper lip hair naturally at home

Waxing to Remove Upper Lip Hair

Waxing to remove upper lip hair
Waxing to remove upper lip hair

Waxing is a safe and effective method of removing upper lip hair. It is a semi permanent hair removal method.

By pulling hair from the root, it takes, waxed hair takes 4-6 weeks to regrow. However, this depends on the cycle of hair growth- it is possible to have new hair growth just two weeks after waxing.

There are different types of waxing to remove hair. For lip hair, using soft wax or strip waxing is commonly used.

  1. Using a wooden applicator to apply warm wax thinly over the lip hair
  2. With a strip of cloth or paper press firmly to adhere the wax and the wax to the skin
  3. Remove the strip quickly in the direction of hair growth
  4. Be sure to pull out the strip as parallel to the skin as possible to avoid trauma

For those with sensitive skin, Strip less or hard waxing can be used. It is ideal for small fine hairs in sensitive parts of the body such as the face. This method does not employ the use of cloth or strip. A layer of thick wax is applied and allowed to dry. Since it does not adhere to the skin as strip waxing it, pulling it out is less painful.

Home remedies such as sugar, honey and egg white can be effectively used to wax upper lip hair- as discussed below.

Unlike with shaving:

  • Waxing gives a long lasting, smoother skin on the upper lips
  • The more you wax, the lesser the hair growth- it will ultimately damage the hair follicles
  • Waxing removes all hair

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